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The company and its needs

Yacast is a company created in 2000, specialized in audiovisual media monitoring, it offers its customers a complete offer from the monitoring of music broadcasts in Radio, TV... to the monitoring of political speaking time through the dematerialized sending of musical news.

In March 2013, Yacast asked us to redesign their Information System, focusing on the recognition of musical and advertising content as well as their metadata. Since then, we have supported them on the industrialization, cost reduction and evolution of their monolithic Oracle database on which dozens of applications are running. Building on this partnership, Yacast has entrusted us with the outsourcing of their PostgreSQL instance in April 2018.

Our solutions

Development of a real time audio/video recognition platform

  • Analysis of the existing,
  • Design of data schemas and architecture of the different services,
  • Development (Python/Django, PostgreSQL, Celery),
  • Imports/qualification of heterogeneous data into asynchronous tasks (Celery/RabbitMQ), and ensure consistency of them with data schema,
  • Real-time recognition of audio/video music and advertising content on major radio and television channels,
  • Exports heterogeneous (REST API, xml, csv, websocket) to several clients, presented through real-time dynamic web interfaces,
  • Continuous deployment of updates without service interruption,
  • All machines/services supervision.

PostgreSQL expertise and outsourcing

  • Recommendations on data and application migration strategy,
  • Outsourcing of PostgreSQL engine,
  • Guidance on data architecture and performance,
  • Monitoring data and service performance.

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