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The company and its needs

Enedis formerly ERDF (Électricité Réseau Distribution France) manages electricity distribution network in France. Enedis guarantees access to the electricity grid for French people regardless of their electricity supplier.

Since October 2015, we support Enedis in the deployment of their group policy, the main objective: PostgreSQL use. HexACK also take responsibilitty for the management of a team of DevOps to deploy best practices in the innovation division and assists the outsourcing of servers allocated to internal application redesign.

Our solutions

PostgreSQL expertise

  • Writing installation procedures,
  • Performance audits,
  • Support in the migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL,
  • Advice on high availability architectures.

DevOps Technical Leader: continuous integration and deployment

  • Migration/simplification of existing code base (Ansible Ansible 1 to 2),
  • Splitting the monolithic main repository into atomic repositories to promote horizontal collaboration between application projects (Ansible Galaxy),
  • Modernization of the integration platform and continuous deployment (Bitbucket, Jenkins, OpenStack)
  • Study and prototyping for modernization of group supervision.

Agile outsourcer: integration and continuous deployment

  • Takeover of an integration and continuous deployment platform (GitLab, Ansible),
  • Modernization/migration of used tools (SonarQube, Apache Sentry, Protractor, Cucumber)
  • Industrialization of servers application and database replication (PostgreSQL)
  • Assists projects in gitflow implementation.

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