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The company and its needs

Magic Online is a website host and Internet Service Provider (ISP). This company offers its customers or companies: Web site hosting, private cloud, dedicated server,...

In January 2015, Magic Online needs to automate the updating of its customers' IP block allocations with RIPE.

Between February and May 2015, Magic Online asks HexACK to create a tool for their support to make it more responsive and proactive during calls or links inactivation .

After these services, Magic Online appealed again to HexACK in June 2016, to overhaul their flawed cloud provisioning existing solution. HexACK worked there until September 2017 to make it elastic and scalable.

Our solutions

Development of a platform to update the blocks allocated by RIPE

  • Analysis of needs,
  • Design of a Middleware platform in Python/Django to update the blocks allocations from RIPE.

Development of an extensible supervision platform for their xDSL lines

  • Development of a supervision platform in Python/Django/PostgreSQL with asynchronous Celery/RabbitMQ tasks to collect metrics on several thousand links in real time.

Development of a multi Datacenter Cloud Platform

  • Analysis of the existing,
  • Analysis of needs,
  • Design, development and deployment of continuous evolutions of a middleware platform Python/Django/PostgreSQL/Celery/RabbitMQ to automate the creation of virtual machines and VMware private cloud across multiple DataCenter.

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