Information System(IS)

More than 10 years experience in IS have taught us to identify generic data (user adress books, companies), specific business-data (press publications, numeric movies, technical data for internet lines , account hosting), information flow between services, as well as ergonomy allowing for intuitivity and efficiency during data input or edition)

Operational Development

It is a broad subject that we have used starting from the developmentprocess (workflow : commit, review, build, test), continuing with collaborative tools (ticketing, documentation) and finally deployment (development, recipe, pre-production, production), with some relevant indicators being instrumented in the supervision and observed in metrology.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

From intervention planning in public services to making an inventory of artisanal beer outlets in Europe, the possible applications are as numerous as the technologies and formulas we learned to master in 7 years.


For the past 8 years, all the developments we participated in as well as the tools we use make a major use of the PostgreSQL database basic engine, often under heavy load. This lead us to optimize the data schemes, the engine's operation, revise the data distribution architecture (sharding, replication) as well as access to the various sources (pooling, proxy).